Slow Fueling Costs You Money

Long waits, driver distractions, and unnecessary idling increase your cost to do business. At Quick Fuel’s specially designed automated fueling stations, a semi can pull in, fuel, and be back on the road in 8 minutes or less.  Keeping your trucks moving is critical to your bottom line.

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Use the Card that Makes Sense for You

With Quick Fuel the choice is yours! Quick Fuel locations accept most major cards such as CFN, Voyager, Comdata, FleetOne, EFS, Fuelman, Wright Express, TCH and Pacific Pride at select locations. Our commercial Fleet fuel cards offer you the control and convenience you need to both fuel your business and manage your fleet. We offer complete card management and reporting capabilities via our Quick Fuel Vantage customer portal.

Private Pricing

Whether you use two locations or twelve, bringing more of your volume to Quick Fuel locations can lower your price. Contact our Sales team to formulate the right program based on volume, card type, and what locations you use.

5,000 Locations on the CFN Network

The CFN and Pacific Pride networks are made up of fuel distributors all over the country who partner to give nationwide access to our customers. Both CFN and Pacific Pride now offer cardless convenient fueling via a smartphone app. Ask about CFNPay or Pride Pay today!

Simple and Efficient

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) authorizes fueling from a tag on each vehicle windshield. RFID is faster, less vulnerable to fraud, and more secure than using a physical fuel card. As soon as the vehicle gets in position next to the dispenser, a scanner reads the tag and starts the authorization process. When the driver selects the dispenser number at the card reader, the prompts ask for security information. Since the vehicle has to be present for fueling, there’s no chance for fraud due to stolen cards or skimming. Our card readers also contain a small camera that captures a photo of everyone who uses it. When one of your cards is used, that image can be automatically emailed to you, along with an electronic receipt. It’s your assurance that the card is being used by an authorized employee.

Tailored to You

Quick Fuel lets you set your own customizable controls to deter unauthorized fueling. You can limit product type, set a daily or weekly gallon limit, require odometer readings and more. You set the rules.  Getting paper receipts from your drivers can be a hassle. With Quick Fuel’s technology, you can request that all receipts be emailed to you directly, saving time for you and your drivers.

Key Features

Best In Class Customer Service

Our customer service teams are dedicated to offering the personal relationship experience you are looking for. We realize that great customer service requires more than just putting together the best team of knowledgeable and experienced people, it also requires being available when and where you need us. In that vein, our customer service team is available by: phone, email, chat, or even text message.

A Reputation You Can Trust

As an industry leader, tens of thousands of companies rely on us to fulfill their energy needs. In a service based industry, we have set ourselves apart from the competition by developing a reputation for hiring the best people and supplying only the highest quality products and services. In a market where most of our competitors are stagnating or shrinking, we continue to grow.

Correct Solutions Before Profits

While most companies focus on the bottom line above all else, we focus on relationships first. As a privately held company, we get to avoid the common pitfall of focusing on profits today at the expense of profits tomorrow. While we would like to believe that we always have the correct solution for a companies’ needs, the reality is that sometimes we don’t. In those rare cases, unlike most companies, you can be assured that we will pass that information on to you.

Keeping Your Business Moving Is Our Business