Quality in Every Gallon

Every gallon of diesel fuel at Quick Fuel locations is blended with Vitalic Premium Diesel additive, cleaning your injection by minimizing gum and varnish buildup, decreasing ignition delay in fuel combustion, improving lubricity, controlling moisture, reducing sticky deposits, and minimizing wear.

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Built for All Seasons

Formulated with summer and winter blends, Vitalic Premium Diesel makes your motor run better, improving fuel mileage and reducing maintenance costs.  Vitalic Premium Diesel also prevents rust and corrosion on fuel pumps, storage tanks and overall fuel supply infrastructure.

Simplified Fueling

Quick Fuel stations feature high-speed dispensers, wide fueling lanes designed for commercial vehicles, and satellite pumps so you can fill dual tanks simultaneously.  Our facilities are open 24/7/365 and are located on major highways and trucking routes, making it easy for your drivers to quickly fuel up and stay on the road.

Keep Your Fleet Moving