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During operations & service, trucks spend an average of 30 minutes idling while stopped to refuel at truck stops or other retail stations. Quick Fuel changes that. We're dedicated to a more sustainable future. For us and for you.

Automated Fueling Stations

Quick Fuel has 49 Automated Fueling Stations positioned along major trucking routes. Wide fueling lanes, high-speed pumps, and satellite dispensers all make for fast fueling. Each customer activates a pump with a fuel card, and there are no convenience store distractions.

Idle Time: 2 minutes average



In the last year, Quick Fuel has converted all our of Automated Fueling Stations to LED lighting. The previous fixtures had a life span of 3-4 years. The new LED light fixtures have an average lifespan of 20-25 years, saving up to 72,000 lbs of C02 per station per year.

RFID Technology

Quick Fuel is starting the process of introducing RFID technology at all of our Automated Fueling Stations. By 2017, drivers will have a paper tag that will be scanned by a device on each station's canopy that allows them to pull up and being fueling immediately. This will further cut back idle time, as well as the need for plastic fuel cards and credit cards.

Safety and Environmental Department

Station equipment is tied to an online portal that sends alerts to Quick Fuel's Operation Team which can then respond immediately in the event of an emergency, to stop potential leaks and other issues.

Paper Reduction

Customers have the option to receive emailed receipts and reports, saving substantially on paper usage.