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Automated fueling stations

Cardless fueling. Emailed receipts. Quick on-line access to all your transactions. On-line bill pay.

The most advanced technology available is at the heart of Quick Fuel stations. Our innovative system ensures transactional accuracy and reliability while deterring fraud. And it gives you industry-leading tools to make your job easier.

RFID (cardless fueling)

Tired of keeping track of plastic fuel cards? Radio Frequency ID (RFID) technology does away with plastic. Each driver receives a small tag that attaches to the truck's windshield. When the driver pulls into an RFID lane at a Quick Fuel station, a device mounted on the canopy automatically scans the tag to start the authorization process. Your driver simply goes to the nearest card reader and enters the pump number and any information that you required (such as P.I.N. or odometer reading).

The result

  • Faster, more streamlined fueling
  • Less fraud (no worries about card theft)
  • More secure (if a windshield tag is damaged, it becomes inoperable, so the tag can't be passed to another driver)

Advanced fraud control

Quick Fuel lets you set your own customizable controls to deter unauthorized fueling. You can limit product type, set a daily or weekly gallon limit, require odometer readings and more. You set the rules.

More security: Quick Fuel card readers contain a small camera that captures a photo of everyone who uses it. When one of your cards is used, that image can be automatically emailed to you, along with an electronic receipt. It's your assurance that the card is being used by an authorized employee.


Alarms will notify Quick Fuel of any site issues, such as a faulty pump or a jammed receipt printer. The result: You can count on fuel being available 24/7/365. No delays, no worries.

Making paper receipts a thing of the past

Getting paper receipts from your drivers can be a hassle. With Quick Fuel's technology, you can request that all receipts be emailed to you directly, saving time for you and your drivers.