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Automated Fueling Stations

Fast, convenient off-site fueling featuring innovative technology to deter fraud and ensure accuracy

Say goodbye to long waits, driver distractions and expensive idling. With our exclusive network of Quick Fuel automated fueling stations, a semi can pull in, fuel, and be back on the road in 8 minutes or less.

Get the Diesel Exhaust Fluid you need – even on the go. Quick Fuel stations throughout our network now offer DEF. And now, several Quick Fuel stations offer driver amenities such as an automated convenience store and a secure, self-cleaning restroom.

Card Reader Instructions

Here's the Quick Fuel advantage:

Use the card you want
We accept most third-party cards, including Comdata, EFS, T-Chek, Fuelman, Wright Express, Voyager, Fleet One, TCH, and Quick Fuel's Advantage card.
Your national fuel card can be used immediately at Quick Fuel sites, with no need for credit checks or delays. However, be sure to talk with your local sales rep about the Quick Fuel station closest to you to make sure you are getting the best pricing available.

Contact a Rep

Want to use our sites but don't have a national fuel card? Sign up for the Quick Fuel Advantage card -- control, ease-of-use, and quick on-line access to fueling data. ​
Get In and Out Fast
Our stations feature high-speed dispensers, wide fueling lanes designed for commercial vehicles, and satellite pumps so you can fill dual tanks simultaneously.

Our facilities are open 24/7/365 and are located on major highways and trucking routes, making it easy for your drivers to quickly fuel up and stay on track.

Our specially trained customer service representatives are ready to help you and your drivers. We have operators available around the clock.
Control is in your hands
Deter unauthorized fueling with customized controls. Fleet managers can choose to limit fueling with any combination of the following:
  • PIN
  • Product Type
  • Daily or weekly gallon limit
  • Entry of an accurate odometer reading or unit number
Set your own controls to balance security with ease of use.
Manage Costs & Control Access
Get fast access to data on every fuel transaction. Secure online access via the Quick Fuel customer portal lets you monitor fuel activity, analyze data and create detailed, customized reports.

Using our enhanced Quick Fuel customer portal you can also order new cards, shut off cards, update unit rosters, check pricing and more.